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Rubber Mixing Mill

For rapid and homogeneous mastication of natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, EVA compound or PVC pallets with various chemical and fillers.

The rubber-mixing-Mill are suitable for different usage such as compounding Mill, sheeting Mill, warming Mill and supply Mill.

Rubber Mixing Mill

  • Base Plate

    Mild Steel fabricated, heavy-duty perfectly machined, common for mill, reduction gear-box and electric motor.

  • Frames & Caps

    Heavy-duty for extreme loads, Available in Graded C.I. Casting, M.S. Fabrication, Steel casting with proper machining for accurate alignments

  • Rolls

    Alloy Chilled Cast Iron, peripherally hollow rolls, duly ground with hardness 520+-2% BHn.

  • Housings

    Graded C.I. Casting or Steel Casting fitted with Anti-Friction Bearings with provision for recirculation of lubricant. Full circle gun metal or Phosphor Bronze Bushes are available as an alternative.

  • Reduction Gear-Box

    Own make heavy-duty with graded steel Casting/forging helical gears, Direct or V-pulley driven. Standard make worm/Helical gear-boxes of Shanthi/Elecon/premium make.

  • Bull Gears

    C.I. Casting, M.S. Fabrication or grades steel Casting hob-cut with EN-8/9 steel forged steel pinion, hob-cut with spur of helical teeth.

  • Friction Gear

    EN-8/9 grade steel forgings hob-cut, spur teeth gears to provide friction ration 1:1.08 to 1:1.18 In our Double Bull Gear Drive model friction ratio 1:.08 to 1:2.5 is available.

  • Range

    Normally 6" OX16" B.L to 22"Ox60" B.L. larger sizes against order also available.
    More than fifteen Thousand units running successfully all over India and Abroad with repeat orders.

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